2022 Best Leather Jackets for Men - Reviews

Author:  M.Musab Khalid 

The best men’s leather jackets have an uncanny kind of power. They manage to evoke cool confidence, romance, daring, and dynamism—all at the same time. And while there was a time when leather jackets were only for boy racers, American outlaws, and Steve McQueen, since then the leather jacket has definitely grown up. Cutting-edge designers have updated the traditional leather jacket and made it office, cafe, cocktail bar, and even fashion-week appropriate.

The best leather jackets for men are the ultimate feel-good outerwear, with a visceral energy that gives you immediate street-cred as you hit the highway—or set off on your morning commute (be it on an electric scooter or an electric bike).

You don’t have to be a risk-taking, rule-breaking, rebel-forever biker to rock one. Leather jackets are for the law-abiding too. Today a leather jacket is a staple in every stylish man’s wardrobe and a great option if you’re looking for a jacket or coat as the weather gets colder.

So whether you’ll settle for nothing less than a legendary biker jacket, or if you’re on the hunt for an elegant field jacket, here are the best leather jackets for men. Iconic, timeless, and comfortable, these ride-or-die jackets will have your back and last you for years to come.

OK, so even the best men’s leather jackets are divisive. We’re often told that they’re cool. We’re shown that they’re cool, in fact. Marlon Brando.
James Dean. Brad Pitt in that film where everyone hits each other and isn’t allowed to talk about it.

But beyond the big screen, in the world where people don’t hit one another and don’t talk about it, Regular Guys can feel a little awkward in leather jackets.
But that needn’t be the case. There’s a leather jacket for everyone and understanding the different options available (as well as the histories behind them) is the first step to finding the right piece. That’s why we’ve defined the main types – from biker to bomber and everything in between – and offered our picks for the new season from a wide range of brands. There’s some styling tips in there too.

Sure, the best leather jackets for men don’t come cheap. And taking the plunge can be a daunting experience. But follow our expert guidance, and you’ll end up investing in a wardrobe essential that will last a lifetime, molding to your body and becoming something of a second skin (nailing that cost-per-wear ratio in the process). Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know to nail menswear’s riskiest (but most rewarding) piece.

The Different Types of Leather Jacket

Classic Biker

Marlon Brando, the leather jacket OG


One jacket to rule them all. Ask a child to draw a leather jacket and this is what you’ll end up with.

Created by leather legend Schott NYC for Harley-Davidson in 1928, the first iteration of its kind was named the Perfecto after founder Irving Schott’s preferred cigars. With a cropped, belted body, diagonal zips, epaulettes, notch lapels and four pockets, the archetypal biker jacket still has all of these features. If it doesn’t, then it’s not a legit biker jacket, sorry.

It has a history. James Dean wore one. So did the Ramones. And while they pulled it off by token of youth and confidence and global fame, you can cheat your way in with the first two, and slot above plain T-shirts (grey or white, ideally) and black straight-ish leg jeans. Nobody this side of ‘nu rave’ should be wearing spray-on denim with a leather jacket.






If a full-blown biker jacket feels a little too Alice Cooper, the cafe racer provides a more middle-of-the-road alternative. Named after the lightweight motorcycles that soldiers would race between pubs and cafes, this leather jacket is a stripped-back take that does away with the detailing of its American counterparts.

The clean-cut look has a touch of the bomber about it, which means the cafe racer jacket is more versatile – and more forgiving – than the biker jacket. It’s got a hint of its attitude, but wouldn’t call a policeman a pig until he was out of earshot. So perfect for the man who wants to dip his toes into the world of leather jackets but needs something that’ll work across the majority of his wardrobe.