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You want your real leather phone case to survive as long as possible if you’re the proud owner of one. Although leather is incredibly resilient, it is a natural material that is prone to deterioration. Fortunately, leather develops character with age, just like a quality wine. Simple maintenance won’t ruin the distinctive patina of your leather phone case. In fact, with the right maintenance, leather will retain more of its attractive features. Use these suggestions to maintain the top quality of your phone case now and for many years to come.

Initial Cleaning: It takes only a few minutes and is simple to clean your genuine leather phone case. Every few weeks, or anytime you discover stains, you should thoroughly inspect your case. Just wipe it down.


Without proper care, leather can dry out over time and in extreme cases, this can result in shrinking or splitting. Every three to four months, condition your leather (or more frequently if you live in an arid climate). Although many leather connoisseurs prefer beeswax or mink oil, you can use a leather conditioner.

Waterproofing: Even while it’s unlikely that you’ll expose your phone to damp conditions, you never know when you might get caught in a downpour. A genuine leather phone case might lose its smooth, supple feel if it gets wet because the natural oils can rise to the surface and eventually evaporate. To address this widespread issue, waterproofing waxes and sprays are available on the market. Even if it’s not frequently essential, it only makes sense to take preventative measures to protect a high-quality case if you invested in one. Products for waterproofing are reasonably priced and effective.


Your genuine leather phone case can be polished in the same way that leather shoes are. It’s crucial to remember, though, that polishing your case often does remove the patina that develops over time. It’s up to you whether you prefer the polished case’s crisp, like-new appearance or the non-polished case’s well-loved, well-used appearance. If you enjoy personalising your gear, polishing your case might be a fun method to subtly change the colour of the leather. For instance, using dark brown polish to polish a light brown case may result in a deeper, darker appearance.

Proper Storage:

You shouldn’t have to worry too much about appropriate storage because you’ll be using your phone frequently. However, you should still be aware of the right storage methods for your genuine leather phone cover, just in case. Leather is a natural material that needs to “breathe” to preserve its texture and appearance. Never store your case in an airtight container if you intend to keep it for a long time because the moisture buildup could lead to mildew and/or colour fading. To prevent drying out and brittleness, you should also keep your case out of the sun and away from heat. Don’t worry too much about storage because leather is incredibly resilient. If you plan to keep it for a while, cover it in a pillowcase or another permeable material.

Avoid stains: Leather may pretty quickly absorb stains since it is permeable. Being careful where you put your real leather phone cover is one of the best methods to preserve it in fantastic shape. For instance, you might want to put your phone away from the dining table. Keep an eye out for any hazards, and if your case becomes dirty, clean it right once to prevent a stain from absorbing.

Reasons to Invest in the Best Leather iPhone Case

Apple once again topped the list of manufacturers in terms of sales. It passed Vivo, a powerful rival in China. However, one significant issue with iPhones is well-known. They are easily damaged by scrapes and fissures and can crumble after just a few falls. Of course, there is only one method to address this problem. Grab an iPhone case for protection. And lots of people advise buying a leather phone case. Metal, plastic, and silicone cases are excellent. These solutions each offer different advantages. Comfortable silicone cases, highly customizable plastic cases, and excellent phone protection come with metal cases. Buying a leather phone case, however, combines the advantages of all three while having only a few drawbacks. Among other things, they are fashionable, strong, and comfortable.

Stylish: Customizing phone cases was once a very popular trend. Some people even buy leather phone cases. However, simple designs are becoming more and more popular. Because a phone case doesn’t have to be significant or expressive, simplicity is currently in vogue. But the key is subtlety. With a leather phone case, you can stand out without coming off as forced. Additionally, even though there are just a few colour options, they all work well with the current iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models. Options for leather hues include:

Durability: Prioritizing durability while choosing an iPhone 13 case is a good choice. While metallic cases are an option, they frequently cause discomfort. Additionally, they are not always as strong as they appear to be. Buy leather phone cases are the ideal blend of softness and toughness. Leather used to be viewed as being less protective than other materials. however, with new technology, But with modern technology, they can extremely effectively absorb high drops.

Comfort: For two reasons, buying a leather phone case gives you a comfortable choice. First off, leather is comfortable and provides a great grip while holding your phone despite being a rather durable material. Second, there is a wide range of leather case designs. For instance, you can get a whole leather wallet case that has a slot on the rear for credit cards, cash, or other similarly thin and compact objects. Additionally, some variations can be folded, such as a leather holster or a clip.

The Best Leather iPhone Case to Choose

The key to finding the best leather iPhone cover is determining what features you require. There is a respectable selection of colours available, and they are all quite strong and comfy. Some versions come with compartments for holding goods, belt-clip attachments, and even a simple holster. Consider staying with leather iPhone cases no matter what you decide. Options made of silicone, plastic, and metal may be appealing. However, they are unable to compete with the effective combination of leather case advantages. Think about checking out some of our top-notch, hand-crafted leather Apple iPhone cases. Currently, the Windsor, Barlow, and Lara lines are highly well-liked! The last thing you want to do is drop and harm your new iPhone. A case is therefore always a wise investment. Best leather phone cases are a great substitute for a plastic case. There is a leather iPhone case out there for everyone, whether they want a simple, sleek case or a new MagSafe-ready option for attaching accessories.


MagSafe-equipped is the best leather phone case only has one drawback: over time, using the accessories will mark the leather. An excellent substitute for the MagSafe is a leather iPhone case from Mujjo if you’re looking for a way to hold your cards. Their full leather wallet cases, which come in black or tan, fit your phone snugly and hold just a few necessary cards. They are an excellent option for everyday carry thanks to their sleek form, which reduces overall bulk.

iPhone cases in leather by Harber London: They come in a variety of case types, and appealing colour combinations, and are made of premium full-grain leather. Choose between a slim and best leather phone case, a full coverage magnetic envelope sleeve, or a slim case They come in a variety of case designs, and appealing colour combinations, and are made of premium full-grain. A full-size wallet organizer, a full coverage magnetic envelope sleeve, a slim case with a pocket, or a slim case are all options.

Leather iPhone case Bellroy: Modern iPhone models are the focus of the majority of best leather phone cases on the market. Bellroy has you covered if you’re sticking with your iPhone SE, 7, or 8 but still want a stylish leather case. A full coverage magnetic envelope sleeve, a slim case, a case with a slim profile, and their thick leather cases have the best capacity for the patina of any case on our list because they are made completely of top-grain leather. These boot leather cases have the advantage of providing good shock absorption because they completely enclose your phone in thick leather.

A modern leather case by Nomad Goods: Three different styles of leather iPhone cases are available from Nomad Goods: a thin leather skin, a slim best leather phone case, and a huge leather folio that can hold all of your credit cards and cash. Each of the three cases is equipped with MagSafe compatibility and is covered in black Horween leather imported from the US. The leather skin stands out from the rest since it preserves the iPhone’s original appearance while allowing for the patina to grow over time, giving it a vintage appeal.

Leather cases for Blackbrook Barlow with Magsafe: Full leather cases from Blackbrook combine thoughtful features with a simple, elegant design for a very affordable price. Barlow Snap-On Back Cover in Full LeatherThe snap-on cases are simple to install on your phone and have a raised lip that ensures your screen will be protected even if it falls on its face. They are available in nine vibrant colours. Additionally, several neodymium magnets include built-in MagSafe capabilities.

What factors are important to consider while buying a leather phone case online?

Edges: It is among the most significant and subdued characteristics of phone cases. Make sure your case’s front has edges that just barely protrude from the screen. The rationale is that the screen of your leather phone case online won’t be damaged if it falls to the ground. In general, the case ought to completely encircle your phone.

Grip: The way the case feels in your hands is another aspect that is frequently disregarded. Your phone should feel solid and non-slip when you hold it in your hand. It is strongly advised to purchase cases in-store so you can locate and search for the appropriate

Things to think about while purchasing a phone case: Look for a phone case that is drop-proof and can resist drops from 6 to 8 feet. Particularly if you are clumsy, tough phone cases provide incredible protection. Drop-proof safeguards your phone from harm brought on by unexpected falls.

Thickness: Consider the thickness of your phone case while making your decision between substantial protection and a stylish look. For added protection, thicker leather phone cases online are preferred.

Waterproof: The leather pieces are coated with unique waterproofing chemicals before sewing. During production, leather takes this liquid in just as a dry sponge would. Since leather is hydrophobic, or water-repellent, even if water gets on the surface of the phone cover and you don’t wipe it off straight away, it will just bead up and roll off, keeping your phone dry. Leather is made waterproof by being carefully sewn together using waxed thread. An age-old method of making seams waterproof is to wax the thread before sewing. Since the other leather components have been treated with liquids, water won’t ever get to your device inside the case because the waxed thread doesn’t absorb any liquid; it simply lets it pass through.

Better defence: Any other non-metallic case is far less durable than leather, which shields your phone from both ordinary wear and tear and unexpected mishaps. Your device will be more protected against drops, scuffs, scratches, water splashes, etc. Leather is more durable than silicone or synthetic cases for the following reasons: Leather phone case online is more resistant to cracks and scratches because of the stitching, which increases the surface area covered. Since leather is thicker than any other non-metallic case, it will shield your device from impacts and sudden drops. Because of the objects in your pocket or the items you put inside the phone cover, the thickness of the case also helps to absorb shocks.

Decent grip: If your phone has a solid grip, you won’t drop it as frequently while running or walking. No matter how costly your phone is, occasionally something will be broken. Your equipment will be better protected by a leather phone case online from some of those frequent mishaps, such as slipping or dropping it on a moist surface, like the restroom floor.

Conclusion: So, now you are aware of what to think about while purchasing a phone case. Because mobile phone accessories are there to shield your phone from harm, you shouldn’t skimp on their quality. Investing in high-quality leather phone cases online is always preferable to paying to have them repaired.