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By: Faiqa Farooq

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Two main purposes of a golf belt are to hold your trousers up and to finish your appearance. Any golfer’s outfit must have a waistline that is fashionable, flexible and comfy.  An item that you fasten around your waist is a strip of leather or fabric called a belt. Many golfers select leather golf belts for security they provide because it’s crucial to keep your trousers in proper place while playing game. Although cotton and polyester are also widely used but they don’t last as long as golf belt made of premium leather. Because leather is such a strong and resilient material their belts can sustain regular usage and last for a very long period. And leather has a classic and natural appearance that complements any attire.

Fact that leather golf belts are available in so many different types and patterns is another benefit. There is a belt for every occasion from classy formal belts to weekend casual belts. You can always discover a belt that matches your unique style because leather may be painted in a huge range of colors. Any golfer who wants to add some flair to their game must have a leather golf belts in their bag. It is made from premium components to ensure lifespan and durability. They have modern styles that work well with any golfing attire and give your game an air of refinement. Seller provides a variety of golf belts from traditional leather to bright and daring colors. You can get ideal belt for you whether you choose a simple basic style or something more striking.

Get a strip of high quality leather that is as wide as you like around 2.5 millimeters thick. You may either buy it already cut or use a strip cutter to cut it yourself. What matters is that strip is straight and longer than your waist measurement. Make a hole with a leather punch after marking location of buckle. Fold leather end over itself after inserting buckle into hole. Use a rivet or stitch to hold leather in place. Next, you may use blade trim extra leather to desired length for your belt. Finally you may customize how your belt is decorated. It can be decorated, dyed or have a pattern or words engraved on it. To properly tune belt you may also drill many holes throughout its length in a leather golf belts.

Bulliant Men’s Golf Belts-Genuine Leather Golf Belts for Men's Dress and Jeans

BULLIANT Mens Belt, Genuine Leather Belt for Men's Dress Jeans Golf Belt

Men’s golf belts are made of 100% genuine leather. Genuine leather construction, exquisite double edge stitching and a sturdy metal clasp attest to belt’s superior quality. Bulliant belt design is for a comfortable everyday usage but more than that also confidence and enjoyment of a life by well complementing different clothing. Features of men’s golf belts are that each item is made from natural materials to describe nature of every personality. Handcrafted ratchet belts are available in a range of belt colors allowing you to mix and match your outfits with ease. You can buy online in different colors such as black, antique coffee, brown patch, navy green and antique tawny.

 Enjoy a wide range of stylish men’s belts no matter occasion or event. This belt is a fantastic choice for everyday wear or special events since it is a basic dress or uniform item that looks well with casual, fancy casual or formal outfits. More than a belt producer Bulliant also creates belt designs. Leather golf belts design is nicely complementing various clothing. Brand uses natural materials for each item to describe character of every personality. Brand tag line is “For Your Nature, From Nature”. When you pick you will sense goals for product they develop every product with a heart to help clients better convey their passion for life and release of individuality.

This brand is a unique belt designer that creates belts for consumers that are simpler, more aesthetically attractive, more dependable, safer, more durable and easier to use. Men’s golf belts typically have a strong clasp that fastens belt firmly. Style possibilities for buckle include classic metal buckles and sleek contemporary styles. Numerous golf belts made by Bulliant have adjustable straps that let you modify length for ideal fit. This function is very helpful for altering belt’s tension or to accommodate various waist sizes.

CHCSTAR Men's Elastic Braided Leather Golf Belts for Jeans, Pants and Shorts

BULLIANT Mens Belt, Genuine Leather Belt for Men's Dress Jeans Golf Belt

Men’s elastic braided golf belt is flexible and comfy when sitting or after eating. It is FDY imported, pull through closure and hand wash only. And instead of using 61 holes on a standard belt you may use any number of belts to secure pants. Elastic webbing of leather golf belt is strong. Instead of using standard PP yarn it is constructed of FDY yarn which allows belts to stretch but not too much.  As opposed to PU trim of elastic men’s plus size belt is made entirely of genuine leather. It makes buckle component strong and fashionable. Stretch woven belts they provide in plus sizes for large and tall guys come in a total of 8 sizes, ranging from 36″ to 120″. You can locate size you need whether you are small or large and tall.

Variety of sizes and colors are available you can buy online, gray, black, beige, brown, khaki and navy are most demanding colors. Men’s CHCSTAR leather golf belt may be used with pants, jeans or shorts in any season for golf, running, hiking, camping or fishing among other activities. It comes in a lovely box and is a wonderful present on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. it’s a Native American brand.  Seller value each of belts just like they do every customer that believes in and supports them. Their belts are made with love, comfort and quality. You may wear belts anyplace with tight pants.

High caliber durable stretch elastic webbing is used in leather golf belt but not excessively. Gray, black, beige, brown, khaki, navy and are total of 11 colors available for selection. Package dimensions ‏are‎ 7.76 x 5.43 x 2.17 inches and 8.78 Ounces weight. Belt fastening or adjusting is quick and simple thanks to elastic braided construction which does away with necessity for belt holes. Those who appreciate hassle free belt tightening may find this feature to be very useful.

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DAVIDSON purchased and reviewed that “Comfort in this belt not found in others”. Very well made belt which is easily adjustable.


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